Jay Taylor's Fan Girl Fantasy


James Deen, Jay Taylor


The scene opens with Jay Taylor posing for photos for her porn star crush, James Deen who is personally taking pictures. She originally wears a black top and skirt which she slowly took off as the photography session continues on. He continues taking pictures of her, especially with the revelation of her fiery red underwear. As Jay takes off her bra, James also gets rid of his white polo. He approaches and kisses her on the lips as she removes her panties. He wouldn’t stop taking pictures of her until she hopped and bent on top of the white couch, showing off her butt hole and pinkish pussy. James is turned on and puts the camera aside. James head over to her, kneels and devours her pussy. Her smell is so addictive. Jay is so ready to fuck her crush that she hurriedly kneels down and helps him take his pants off. The moment that his big cock is exposed, she takes his full-length into her mouth, sucking him off until his dick is hard and ready to start fucking. James makes her lie down on the edge of the couch as he thrusts his big hard cock in her wet and tight pussy, obviously waiting for him. He fucks her hard, making her want more, in the missionary position. He then pulls out and puts her on all fours. He teases her that she becomes impatient. Without any warning, James rams his big hard cock into her pussy, taking her by surprise but she definitely loves it. He humps her from behind, their skin slapping against each other, in the doggy-style position. James and Jay are now eating each other out. He is lying on the couch while she is on top of him. He is devouring her pussy while she is sucking his big cock. Jay then rides his dick in the cowgirl position before they fucked in the standing position. James fucks her in the doggy-style position again just before he orgasms. He then fucks her mouth until he releases his cum inside her mouth. James Deen wants to make her fan girl fantasy come true so he decided to make her cum. He devours and eats her tight pussy until Jay Taylor orgasms.


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